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Well, the weekend if winding down. Somehow, it felt long, busy and relaxing. Our first anniversary...I can't believe it! I confess I was a bit weepy yesterday while reflecting on the past year. Rusty completely surprised me and gave me a little Tiffany blue box before we left for the wedding last night. A pair of black onxy ball/bead earrings. They are perfect, very retro looking and very me. I warned him that he set the bar high! Eli's Aunt Molly babysat while we went to the wedding. It was great to get out and meet new people, most of them Rusty's Life friends. Hilarious. Yummy southern food.

My sis-in-law MaryCarson sent us the sweetest box of goodies. For our anniversary, she sent us the 50 First Dates DVD, macadamia nuts, a pinapple candle and a coconut candle to remind us of Hawaii :) Here she is about to give birth to our precious little nephew and she is sending us thoughtful anniversary gifts. Thank you MC!! We watched the movie this morning....so cute!!

SWITCHING GEARS ALERT! Rusty made and installed a diaper sprayer for me. WOOT WOOT. What a sweetie pie. I now have 18 cloth inserts that we are going to use when home. The new gDiaper cloth inserts are not nearly as bulky as the prefolds we have or the flushies. Our new daycare gave out a big fat NO to our gDiapers but I'm gonna soak 'em with a whole lotta southern and see if I can get my way. hehe Hey, its for a good cause.

Lil turkey butt passed out early tonight. He was Mr. Personality all day. He's been eating organic green beans these past few days and loves them just as much as peas it seems. I made some more blueberries and his little face looks so darn cute all plastered purple :) Its the little things...put a big ole smile of pride on my face.

Look at those thighs! He comes by them naturally. hahaha


chelsea said...

Sorry to hear about no gDiapers at the daycare!

The diaper sprayer looks great, though! I can't wait to get our own installed. Has it made things quite a bit easier?

Summer said...

Hey Chelsea! I love the diaper sprayer. Its awesome. The hubs put it together quickly.