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Well, the weekend if winding down. Somehow, it felt long, busy and relaxing. Our first anniversary...I can't believe it! I confess I was a bit weepy yesterday while reflecting on the past year. Rusty completely surprised me and gave me a little Tiffany blue box before we left for the wedding last night. A pair of black onxy ball/bead earrings. They are perfect, very retro looking and very me. I warned him that he set the bar high! Eli's Aunt Molly babysat while we went to the wedding. It was great to get out and meet new people, most of them Rusty's Life friends. Hilarious. Yummy southern food.

My sis-in-law MaryCarson sent us the sweetest box of goodies. For our anniversary, she sent us the 50 First Dates DVD, macadamia nuts, a pinapple candle and a coconut candle to remind us of Hawaii :) Here she is about to give birth to our precious little nephew and she is sending us thoughtful anniversary gifts. Thank you MC!! We watched the movie this morning....so cute!!

SWITCHING GEARS ALERT! Rusty made and installed a diaper sprayer for me. WOOT WOOT. What a sweetie pie. I now have 18 cloth inserts that we are going to use when home. The new gDiaper cloth inserts are not nearly as bulky as the prefolds we have or the flushies. Our new daycare gave out a big fat NO to our gDiapers but I'm gonna soak 'em with a whole lotta southern and see if I can get my way. hehe Hey, its for a good cause.

Lil turkey butt passed out early tonight. He was Mr. Personality all day. He's been eating organic green beans these past few days and loves them just as much as peas it seems. I made some more blueberries and his little face looks so darn cute all plastered purple :) Its the little things...put a big ole smile of pride on my face.

Look at those thighs! He comes by them naturally. hahaha


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We met Rusty's sister Lynn at the Atlanta airport for lunch today during her layover on her way to London! Lucky! Eli loooooooves his Aunt Lynn. She is fun to play with (not to mention a good sport when Eli drooled all over her the entire time)!! :) We get to see her again in a month on her way back from London. Woo Hoo!

P.S. - Gotta love the belly shot :)


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Anyone not splurge on a pair of Baby Legs yet but really wanna try them out? They are awesome for a crawling baby or to throw on your kiddo in a jiffy if you are somewhere with A/C blaring. I have 2 extra pairs. I ordered them from Babysteals.com and they never showed up. They sent me out another set and, voila, like 4 days later the original pair shows up. They told me to keep them. So, here I am offering them up to you fine folks! :) Pic below. Let me know if you want a pair. We're all about sharing the love.


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So while I have Rusty busy taking pics of el crapo that we need to list on Craigslist and get rid of, I thought I'd sneak on here and do a little update. Since my life now revolves around my kid, I'll update you on his room. The final touches have been added and I swear I'm DONE. The $1.99 red Ikea frames are up, the roman shade that is non-returnable that doesn't fit inside the window is functional at least and the ever-so-looming-over-the-baby's-head Ikea bookshelf is ready and waiting for Eli to get his read on.

The only other exciting event of the day is our new BLACK GDIAPERS. If momma likes black, then baby likes black. :) Because I'm the Mom, that's why! haha

Oh, and let me not forget my 2 attempts to get Rusty's Father's Day gift today. I'm headed back out tomorrow at 9 a.m., Starbucks in hand, birthin hips sashayin, baby stroller on a mission and ready to plow through people with more patience than me. I know what I want and I will get it. Don't mess with a new Mom folks...we have nerves of steel :)

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Feelin better....say cheese!

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Whew, after a long sleep-less night, my little goober is back to his cheery self. The pic quality is bad b/c it is from my phone but I had to act quick.

My first attempt at blogging!

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Instead of inundating my Facebook page non-stop with pictures and ramblings about Eli, I thought I'd blog. Plus, my Mom refuses to FB (which is probably a good thing :), so here's to hoping she'll read my blog. Love you Peetle.

First things first, I made headway with the play "area." Desperate times call for desperate measures, so we now refer to half of the den as the play area. It works. I ain't complainin. Deal of the week, 3 Pottery Barn off-white leaning shelves off of Craigslist for $125. I'm still grinning about this find.

Second accomplishment of the weekend, baby gates! Well, they are solely intended at this point to keep the pups out of the den, play area, kitchen and Eli's room b/c my germaphobia has kicked into high gear, much to Rusty's horror. He's over it. I'm ridiculous. I know. :)

Baby Food! You know I'm addicted. Anyways, I added mango to Eli's pears in the babycook and he now has a new favorite...peas have been demoted to 2nd best.

Family friendly parking. How did this just now enter my life? Where has it been for the last 5 months. Ikea is my new fav! These spaces are just too good to be true...wide, long, close to the door, the people waiting for your spot all have the patience of Job, yadda yadda...I could go on and on.

And lastly for the weekend, turkey butt has officially outgrown his swing. I can't get both sides of the straps to connect and he tries to roll out. He assaults the mobile constantly. Poor lil lamb swing. Time to say goodbye and go into storage.