Coupons this Sunday!

Friday, September 11, 2009 Edit This 2 Comments »
Rumor has it that there may be up to 5 coupon inserts in this Sunday's don't forget to clip clip clip :) You really can save a lot of money if you use 2 manufacturer's coupons in conjunction with a BOGO deal at Publix or on the the 10 for $10 deal at Kroger (for you Southern shoppers :)
To my sister the coupon virgin: Mandy--don't forget to buy a Sunday paper (or two but check to see if the coupons are worth your while before you buy any additional). I can just picture you now sitting at Looney Bean with your paper and scissors. It could be your weekly get-a-way :) Love you and miss you HORRIBLY.


chelsea said...

Yes! FIVE inserts! I'm so excited!!! :)

GeorgiaChick said...

I devoured the coupons. Today at Publix and Kroger, I spent a combined $75 and saved $69. I even got stuff for our lunches.