9 Months Old Today

Wednesday, October 07, 2009 Edit This 0 Comments »

My little man is 9 months old already. I had no clue that this journey as a new Mom would be this action packed in 9 short months. Just last night, Eli got mad and hit me on the mouth when I told him NO for pulling on my laptop cords. I keep looking for anything, even a shred, of my little laid back chill baby boy and he is gone. Bu-bye. What we have now is a humongous not-afraid-to-display-his-emotions strong-willed speedster who obviously thinks he doesn't need his Mommy telling him what to do anymore. The Terrible Twos are sounding down-right frightening at this point. I think the turning point was when Eli tried to bite poor Sophie's face off while choking her:

Here are a few pics from our fun trip to Mimi's last Sunday: