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After Eli's 9 mo well visit today, it occured to me to check his Halloween costume to make sure it still fit. Um, not quite...way too short in the arms and legs. He could hardly move around in it...but it was sooo cute :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that BRU has one in a size 18-24 month and Rusty will be a sweety pie and exchange it for me tomorrow so I don't have to make a trip up to Dunwoody. I had to give Eli my Blackberry to keep him from crying the entire time. This kiddo is going to humor me and wear this costume for Thanksgiving and there is no way he'll be able to get this zipped 5 weeks from now. GOBBLE GOBBLE.

OF COURSE, I have a back-up. hehe Eli is going to wear this one to his friend Cameron's first birthday costume party next weekend. This is the only peek you get for now...


chelsea said...

Awww, those costumes are SO cute!!! And I'm not surprised that you have two costumes for Eli at all! You're such a stylish little mama!