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Yes, my turkey is probably a little cold right now but that's not what this post is about. hehe :) Eli is such a big boy and went cold turkey off of all of his bottle feedings yesterday. And it was a success!! When I got to daycare last night, they told me that he cried when he saw the babies get their afternoon bottles. He then stood at the doorway near where they get fed and whined and refused to play with the toys or kids. This broke my heart when I heard it. They went ahead and gave him an extra sippy of almond milk and he was back to normal.

So, this got me thinking...Eli's 6oz formula bottles are 120 calories. A 6oz sippy of almond milk is 48 calories. It stands to reason that the almond milk can't "replace" a bottle. The whole reason we're transitioning from the bottle/formula is so that Eli can get 100% of his nutrition from solid foods and water. I can't expect this kiddo to keep his same feeding routine and simply exchange the bottle/formula for the sippy/almond milk. We have to start a new routine!!

Tada, mama finally figured it out :) So we got home last night and Eli went straight into his highchair for some dinner. During the bottle days, Eli would fall asleep on the way home from daycare and go straight to bed for the night around 5:30 p.m. Maybe 1 out of 7 times waking for a bottle before we went to bed. Last night, this ravenous boy ate a very large half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, half of a fresh peach and half of an apple Lara bar. He also drank 4oz of warm white tea and honey in a sippy. He started to fuss a tiny bit and I could tell he was really tired so off to lube up with Aquaphor (poor kiddo has bad eczema on his elbows, knees and lower legs) and put on jammies. He went straight to sleep - not a peep. 7 pm

I got up at 5:30 this morning and he was just laying in his bed with his paci. I warmed up a sippy of almond milk and gave him the other half of Lara bar in his highchair. He gobbled up both without complaint. Previously during the bottle days, he would cry for a bottle immediately and never ate breakfast at home before he went to daycare during the week.

We're off to a happy 2nd day of no bottles or formula and having fun starting new routines :) I'm so thankful that Eli is such a great little transitioner. He really makes being a mom easy and we're so blessed. I'm excited at the prospect of Eli staying up later at night and having that time with him.

Here is a pic of Eli eating his peach last night. He was having a hard time picking it up off his tray so I gave him a bowl. He didn't dump it all out, throw it or anything. I was so proud of my little big boy using a bowl. I love you so much turkey butt!! :)


RACHAEL said...

Good for you guys! Gavin started drinking only milk too! He eats dinner and then has 1 big bowl of oatmeal before bed and rarely wakes up until morn. He used to wake up 2 or 3 times. He eats almost as much as jayden now.

Anonymous said...

i like eli! ! ! !

GeorgiaChick said...

Rach--Eli eats a ton of food too. I was in shock at first! We still can't get Eli to sleep past 5:30-6 a.m. so I might have to try the oatmeal before bed :)