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Anyone not splurge on a pair of Baby Legs yet but really wanna try them out? They are awesome for a crawling baby or to throw on your kiddo in a jiffy if you are somewhere with A/C blaring. I have 2 extra pairs. I ordered them from and they never showed up. They sent me out another set and, voila, like 4 days later the original pair shows up. They told me to keep them. So, here I am offering them up to you fine folks! :) Pic below. Let me know if you want a pair. We're all about sharing the love.


chelsea said...

I don't know if you still have these, but how super nice of you to offer them, wow!

If you do still have them, I would love a pair. :) You can shoot me an e-mail at if so. You rock!

GeorgiaChick said...

Alrighty, Chelsea and Ben got the last pair. I hope ya'll enjoy :) We LURVE ours.