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So while I have Rusty busy taking pics of el crapo that we need to list on Craigslist and get rid of, I thought I'd sneak on here and do a little update. Since my life now revolves around my kid, I'll update you on his room. The final touches have been added and I swear I'm DONE. The $1.99 red Ikea frames are up, the roman shade that is non-returnable that doesn't fit inside the window is functional at least and the ever-so-looming-over-the-baby's-head Ikea bookshelf is ready and waiting for Eli to get his read on.

The only other exciting event of the day is our new BLACK GDIAPERS. If momma likes black, then baby likes black. :) Because I'm the Mom, that's why! haha

Oh, and let me not forget my 2 attempts to get Rusty's Father's Day gift today. I'm headed back out tomorrow at 9 a.m., Starbucks in hand, birthin hips sashayin, baby stroller on a mission and ready to plow through people with more patience than me. I know what I want and I will get it. Don't mess with a new Mom folks...we have nerves of steel :)