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Well howdy folks :) Thought I would update with some complete randomness. First of all, I thought the kiddo's yummy homemade food was too colorful not to post.

We made a trip up to Kohl's tonight so I could have a little retail therapy spending my Kohl's bucks. Aside from the fact that I had 2 mini-meltdowns on the drive up due to Rusty's very questionable driving (deep breath), we managed to find some good deals. Here is the little man being such a big boy in this funny cart contraption. Also, look how cool these little Play-Doh thinga-ma-jiggies are to hand out to trick-or-treat'ers. Only $2.09 for the bag of 20. AWESOME alternative to candy. Well, maybe not so awesome to the little recipients' parents, but whatevs...not my problem. hehe