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Life has just been crazy busy lately. It has gotten so bad that I feel like my to-do list is a jumbled mess in my brain that is constantly distracting me. This nightmare to-do list keeps me up at night. Then, to add to that, I've been struggling with major guilt lately with the lack of time I have with Eli during the week. He has been either falling asleep on our way home from daycare or falling asleep right when we get home. I have to wake him up before we go to bed for jammies and a bottle. He is maybe taking one 45 minute nap at daycare a day so of course this kiddo needs the 12 hours of sleep at night but that makes for a very sad Mom :(

Somewhat on this note, Eli starts a new daycare on Monday. We are so darn excited about it. Right now, they only have part-time available, which is all we need until January. They can only give us Mon & Wed (and Fridays if a child calls out) so we still have to figure out Fridays but I don't care. He had to get out of his current daycare. The week before last, he was playing in the dirty diaper bin and this week he was taking apart a nasty vacuum cleaner and playing with the filter. I almost lost my mind. The new daycare provides 100% of his solids and the menu all organic, hormone free, etc. He'll also learn Kindermusik, Spanish, play puppets, sign language, get outside time every day, a set eating and nap schedule every day. Best of all, the daycare has a 3:1 child/teacher ratio. We knew instantly that this was a good fit for Eli and our lifestyle. The daycare owner even asked us if we cloth diaper and asked us to bring them because they'd love to use them. We were like SAY WHAT NOW? :) hehe She also told us that Eli needs to learn how to stop using other kids as furniture. Whoopsies...yeah, we'll work on that. Oh, she also doesn't usually allow the kids to have anything in their bed so Eli very well may be on his way to losing his paci habit. I think I'm ok with this. I think. :) My guilt wants him to have whatever comforts him when he is away from home but I also know he needs to learn how to sleep without it.

I can't forget to show you what showed up today! excited am I??? Ok, now, before you go thinking I'm some spoiled rotten brat, I want you to know that we listed things we don't use/need on Craigslist and we are THIRTY BUCKS away from having this baby paid for by money we earned through Craigslist. And, I have this $30 sale pending for tomorrow night. Woo Hoo. I found a deal too good to pass up a Kohl's so I got it 20% off, free shipping, $65 brush attachment kit free and $80 Kohl's cash to boot, which will buy Eli some warm footie PJs that are oh-so-needed now. I walked into the little turkey butt's room last weekend to get him out of bed after a nap and he had taken his pants off. Then, the other day, he tried to take his shirt off by grabbing the back and yanking it over his head. This behavior makes this mommy very nervous at night thinking that he could be suffocating himself in bed and I wouldn't know it. Only one piece pjs at night for this little nudist from here on out.

One last thing, my diet is ON starting tomorrow. No sugar, no flour, no soda, no Halloween candy....just salads, veggies, fruits, nuts and lean meat. Lots of water and exercise. I just need to get into my work pants comfortably and I need it to happen SOON. Flub be gone!


Mel said...

Heya, I'm so happy to hear about the turkey butt's new daycare. Kreepy about the old one. I wish we were closer so he and Robbie could play on Fridays. The fact that she'll use the cloth diapers ROCKS! Robbie is sporting his larges. I'd kinda freak about the paci thing, who is she to say your kid can't have one. kwim. you are a better woman than I. :)

Angela said...

sorry to bug you on this but I saw you posted on the yankee candle deal on $30 grocery challenge blog. did you actually get this to work? I've tried all kinds of combo's and nothing, can't get the same deal. maybe it's changed. just wondered since you were the only commment. thanks for your time.

GeorgiaChick said...

Hey Mel--I agree re Paci but they are a pain in the bootie at daycare so I kinda get it. Other kids crab them and suck on them...Eli crawls dragging it around and wants to suck on it vs. participate with the other kids in an activity. I've had to limit it to his crib or carseat only b/c of that. Daycare is worried about the State dinging them for having something in the bed, especially since Eli's pacis have the animal attached to them. I understand where she is coming from but she also said we can give it a try if we want to let him have it in bed since they can't put blankets or stuffed animals in the bed due to the State being so paranoid about SIDS. We even have to put a letter in his file from his pedi saying it is ok for Eli to sleep on his tummy! Can you believe that? The daycare owner is really awesome though and always "parenting" vs. babysitting so I really like that. It will make our time at home with Eli that much better since he will have boundaries at daycare too now and it won't feel like everything I'm trying to teach him is in not playing in the garbage, pulling everything off shelves over-and-over again like it is a game, etc. I think this is a positive change and I'm oh-so-happy that Eli is going to finally be in a learning environment when he can't be at home, even if it really does cost an arm and a leg....worth it!! :)

GeorgiaChick said...

Angela--I actually couldn't get it to work. It looked like it was in the cart but when I finally got around to buying what was in my wouldn't let me and the price changed. Maybe the offer expired?