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My little brother TJ and his friend Shelley came over Saturday and we went to breakfast and the zoo. I really don't get to see that kiddo enough. It was Boo at the Zoo so all the kids were dressed up. Whooops, this mommy didn't know that :) Eli still had fun trick-or-treating. At this stage, he enjoyed the bird sanctuary the most. The coolest part was when we heard the male lion roar. It was so loud that we all thought it was fake at first. We thought it was just something the zoo did to attract visitors to the exhibit. Nope, was he ever mad about something. So neat. The absolute weirdest thing we saw was the vulchure exhibit. There was a fake dead zebra on display that looked unbelievably real. As we were walking up, one of the vulchures was actually eating something out of this fake dead zebra. Almost as gross as Eli trying to eat a roach :o)


MeLiSsA said...

He is getting so big, and I can totally see the fake zebra in one of those pics. That is so gross